Repower Specialist

Is it Time to RePower Your Boat Engine?

  • Want more performance out of your boat?

  • Want to increase the resale value of your boat?

  • Want to increase your boat’s fuel efficiency?

  • Looking to get up to speed on the latest technology for your boat engine?

  • Is a new boat outside of your budget? Maybe a Repower is just what the doctor ordered!

Boat yards in our neighborhood build some beautiful boats and truth be told a well-designed hull is going to last for decades.  So long in fact, your boat may out live your boat engine.  The average boat owner will go through several engines in the life of his hull, but a whole new engine isn’t always necessary.  Using our many years of boat engine repower and rebuild experience, we can help you choose the best engine option for your boat.

Get your boat engine up to speed and make a call to Thomaston Boat and Engine Works, your Repower Specialists in Thomaston Maine!